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15 Jan 08

I bought a glass of milk from Mont Fresh Milk (ร้านมนต์ นมสด) because I wanted to get the glass. It was very interesting. There were faces of a cow with many different emotions and English vocabulary that described below the pictures such as FURIOUS, EMBARRASSED, IN LOVE, and so on. I could count 20 words on the glass with pictures that helped explain the meanings. I really liked it.

Here are the new vocabulary that I learned from the Mont Fresh Milk's glass.

Brooding (adj.) thinking for a long time about things that make you sad, worried or angry
Example: He stood there in the corner of the room, a dark,
brooding presence.

Content (adj.) pleased with your situation and not hoping for change or improvement
He seems fairly content with his life.

Sneering (adj.) rude and not showing respect
 I don't like that superior, sneering tone of his.


17 Jan 08

I took the subway to Sukhumvit and I noticed the word handrail used to describe the hand of the escalator. I know that this word is pretty easy to remember, but I usually forget when I have to use it.


20 Jan 08

Here was my horoscope:

"Don't take the whole burden of responsibility for something on your shoulders, or you'll find that you're weighed down by a heavy load of resentment."

Resentment is being angry about and dislike being forced to accept something or someone annoying.
Example: He feels deep resentment towards his parents for his miserable childhood.





Thanks for the new vocab confused smile

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