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4 Jan 08

Happy New Year to all of you!  From 31 Dec. - 1 Jan, I went to Koh Sri Chang which is located in Chonburi province. It was awsome because it was a quiet place that is suitable for people who love nature and privacy. On the way back to the main land, Chonburi, I noticed a vocabulary on a sign on the boat. It said "Please request the skipper for your life jacket". The word "skipper" means the captain of a ship or boat, a sports team, or an aircraft.


5 Jan 08

Today I bought a new mascara because the old one was used up. On the label it said "100% smudge proof" The word "smudge" means a mark with no particular shape that is caused, usually accidentally, by rubbing something such as ink or a dirty finger across a surface. For example, the old mascara was not good. It left black smudges under my eyes like the two black patches around the eyes of a panda.




I used to see the word "smudge" on my sister's mascara package also. Now, I know from your blog what it is. Thank you ๆๆๆ eiei ^_^.confused smile

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