posted on 27 Dec 2007 17:20 by littlekitty

24 Dec. 07

I went to a supermarket to look for the pink ELSEVE shampoo because I watched the ad on TV and I wanted to try this one. While I was looking for it, I read several other shampoo brands' labels then I found a word I did not know before. It said "after that rinse it out" So after I got back home, I looked up in the dictionary for its meaning. Now I get a new word "to rinse something out" it means to wash out something.

Then after washing my hair, I set it with LOREAL Studio Line Curl Power Spray. There I found a word I did not know the meaning, i.e., anti-frizz. "Frizz" means (of hair) very curly and not smooth or shiny. So, this hairdressing spray would not make my hair look wet.


28 Dec. 07

My horoscope said that I have to "speak my mind to my darling". Ah ha! then I got a new expression "speak up one's mind". It means to say what you think about something very directly. Mmm... what should I speak my mind to my darling? Maybe the three meaningful words will do hehe!