Week2: Houseware#2

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I Went Nowhere on Monday
I told you guys that I would go out and look for new words in a supermarket again today, but I did not. I feel like I am very lazy since the second semester began. I get exhausted easily and go to bed at midnight (which I think midnight is too early to go to bed). I am used to sleeping at 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning so I think my battery is kinda flat now.

Alright! let's get to the point. I just want to confess that this week about houseware was not as good as I had expected. I collected not many words. I noticed that the lables of each aisle in a supermarket were easy to remember. I already knew those words except for some words that I was not accustomed to. And then I just think that the amount of words does not indicate how much I learn. Supposed I could collect a hundred words about houseware (because this topic is so broad) but I counld not remember all of them, does it mean that a lot of words are better than the fifteen words I had? Or should I look up in the dictionary and copy the related words to post here? NO WAY! Maybe I have to narrow my topic so that I would feel better that I am able to cover what I want to do.

Houseware is too broad; it can be any items in a house from the bedroom to the garden. The words I got from the supermarket are also a part of houseware. So I would like to change the second week's topic from "houseware" to "labels in a supermarket" in order to lessen the range of the topic.

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บางทีการ"เค้น"อะไรมากๆ มันก็ตื้อเอาง่ายๆเหมือนกัน
พักผ่อนซะบ้างเน้อ ไปหาอะไรขำๆมันส์ๆทำ แล้วเดี๋ยวไอเดียก็แล่นเองแหล่ะ

ป.ล. ได้คำตอบเกมส์ หมูไก่ปลากุ้ง รึยังจ้ะ อิอิอิcry

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