Week1: Food#3

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What Have I Learned from This Week?

Collecting names of Thai food makes me understand the principle of how to call Thai food in English. I used to think that we can use transliteration such as Rad Naah and Pad Ka Praow Moo Sap because there are dishes called Som Tam and Tom Yum Kung. But in fact! I cannot generalize about the names as I used to do. Proper nouns usually work with the famous Thai dishes as I mentioned in the examples yet we still need explanation for foreigners to understand and know the ingredients as well as cooking method of these dishes, for example, ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเย็นตาโฟทรงเครื่อง is called Fish ball noodles in red soup. We have to describe what are in the dish and what the dish looks like so that the consumer knows more and be able to imagine the food.

I want to collect these Thai food names because I have noticed that many English teachers do not know how to call them in English. In addition, they always introduce students to know JUNK FOOD such as hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, steak, etc. I do not understand why the teachers do not talk about our Thai dishes to students because I think they are more important to students than the junk food that they are teaching. Just think about this: a foreigner walks to a student in a school canteen and asks her what these Thai dishes are called in English. I bet the student would have a difficulty to answer the foreigner because she does not know how to say the name in English.

To conclude my thought, I would like to point out this idea for English teachers about introducing how to call Thai dishes in English to your students. These names are important and useful for students in their real life so we, as English teachers, should be aware of our responsibility to equip our students with such useful and practical knowledge.

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AS reading, so hugry watching each menu..5555

So how's about ลูกชุบ??

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