My Study Plan

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Meeooww...! We are now going to see my study plan which I believe will help me expand new vocabulary.

The objectives of this self-study are:

  • To collect vocabulary that english teachers should know
  • To practice using new vocabulary in real life contexts with friends or others in both speaking and writing skills.
  • To encourage myself to be observant and learn new words around me

Actually I don't want to set the fixed schedule because it will sound so boring like going to a library and search for the vocabulary. In contrast, I would like to stimulate the observant and curious senses to myself by setting just a tentative schedule for the whole project. For example, I may set the topic for the first week to talk about things in a supermarket. I will find a time to go shopping or just wandering around in a supermarket and take note the interesting vocabulary. I think learning by noticing things around us and memorize them like this is more fun than memorizing from textbooks.

Here is my tentative schedule:

Week and Topic of the Week                                 ===>   Learning resources

Week1: Food and Thai dishes                               ===>   Food Centers / Menu
Week2: housewares                                                  ===>   Labels in supermarkets
Week3: Interesting expressions from songs      ===>   English songs
Week4: Interesting expressions from movies    ===>   Hollywood movies
Week5: Idioms from horoscopes                           ===>   Horoscopes
Week6: Interesting words from newspapers      ===>   Newspapers / Magazines
Week7: Interesting words from signs                    ===>   Any signs
Week8: Words/expressions found by chance  ===>   Any where

I plan to collect the vocabulary as much as I can and try to memorize them at least 40% of all the words I have in each week. Of course, I will share those vocabularies with you together with meaningful sentences to help you remember.


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HI kim

That sounds interesting to learn new vocabularies as much as we can. I considered this thing in my paln as well.

Hopw you enjoy this learning. I always be here and be your support.


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