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15 Jan 08

I bought a glass of milk from Mont Fresh Milk (ร้านมนต์ นมสด) because I wanted to get the glass. It was very interesting. There were faces of a cow with many different emotions and English vocabulary that described below the pictures such as FURIOUS, EMBARRASSED, IN LOVE, and so on. I could count 20 words on the glass with pictures that helped explain the meanings. I really liked it.

Here are the new vocabulary that I learned from the Mont Fresh Milk's glass.

Brooding (adj.) thinking for a long time about things that make you sad, worried or angry
Example: He stood there in the corner of the room, a dark,
brooding presence.

Content (adj.) pleased with your situation and not hoping for change or improvement
He seems fairly content with his life.

Sneering (adj.) rude and not showing respect
 I don't like that superior, sneering tone of his.


17 Jan 08

I took the subway to Sukhumvit and I noticed the word handrail used to describe the hand of the escalator. I know that this word is pretty easy to remember, but I usually forget when I have to use it.


20 Jan 08

Here was my horoscope:

"Don't take the whole burden of responsibility for something on your shoulders, or you'll find that you're weighed down by a heavy load of resentment."

Resentment is being angry about and dislike being forced to accept something or someone annoying.
Example: He feels deep resentment towards his parents for his miserable childhood.



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8 Jan 08

Have you ever noticed the word "stax" from the label of Lay's potato chips? I looked up in the dictionary and this word was not in the dict. So I looked for a similar word that has the same sound which was "stacks" and I found its meaning. Stack means a pile of things arranged one on top of another. Lay's potato chips has launched a new package that is very similar to Prinkle potato chips. So I understand that "stax" is another word of "stacks".

11 Jan 08

Many shampoos are anti-dandruff. Actually I have already known this word before, but I like to forget it. Dandruff is small white bits of dead skin from the head which gather in the hair or fall on the clothes.

13 Jan 08

My horoscope said "You and your sweetie need to be fleet of foot and ready of heart." I don't know this phrase before and I don't have a clue what it means. And I found that "to be fleet of foot" is able to run quickly.


Reflection of the week

I felt like I was not as alert as the first week. I did not know what happened to me, maybe because I was very tired from teaching. I learned a lot from teaching grammar to my students; however, I didn't want to record the new vocabulary I learned from the preparation for teaching. I wanted to record the interesting vocabulary I accidentally found. That was why I wrote about them very few in each week.



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4 Jan 08

Happy New Year to all of you!  From 31 Dec. - 1 Jan, I went to Koh Sri Chang which is located in Chonburi province. It was awsome because it was a quiet place that is suitable for people who love nature and privacy. On the way back to the main land, Chonburi, I noticed a vocabulary on a sign on the boat. It said "Please request the skipper for your life jacket". The word "skipper" means the captain of a ship or boat, a sports team, or an aircraft.


5 Jan 08

Today I bought a new mascara because the old one was used up. On the label it said "100% smudge proof" The word "smudge" means a mark with no particular shape that is caused, usually accidentally, by rubbing something such as ink or a dirty finger across a surface. For example, the old mascara was not good. It left black smudges under my eyes like the two black patches around the eyes of a panda.